Why Greenland?

Greenland coast - bird's eye view

Greenland coast - bird's eye view

The ocean, cliffs, strangely looking mountains, calving glaciers, enormous ice bergs and vast areas of white snow.  All this stirred my imagination for a very long time. At that time circumstances were not favourable to visit Greenland and see it with my own eyes.

After the expedition to the Himalayas and New Zealand I found out that everything is possible. Additionally, from everywhere, we can hear alarming news about melting icebergs what may, in the perspective of my life, totally change the biggest island in the world.  Independence ambitions of Greenlanders could also postpone the expedition for an undefined period.

Finally I was carried away by the possibility to commune with nature for nearly a month. And both inner and external self-sufficiency. The willingness to prove oneself in extreme conditions.  Whether climbing or kayaking in the ocean or finally during killing marches.

All this was clipped together by photography and the inclination to take some really good pictures.

The decision has been made – let’s go! There was still one important issue: the Best’s Wife acceptance! I am still working on it, but the chances of settling the case are promising :-)

At the beginning the choice was obvious – to climb Gunnbjornsfjeld, the highest point of the Arctic at 3693 m and two nearby peaks; Qaqaq Kershaw (3683m) and Qaqaq Johnson (3669m). And then explore the world of Ilulissat icebergs.

Gunnbjornsfjeld is located in the Watkins Range at the frontier of the continental ice sheet. The nearest settlement is hundreds of kilometers away in snow, cold and ice-cold winds. That means a lot of effort to just reach the foot of the mountain. In such harsh conditions such effort is connected with very high financial costs even if cooperating with other climbers. Finally, after deeper thoughts I have decided to leave Gunnbjornsfjeld for later. Maybe one day the climate will be more favourable :-)

But I did not intend to abandon mountains. That is how the expedition plan came into existence. For details please visit the next page.

Such expedition also needs a good companion. So it makes two of us Adam and myself :-)