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Łukasz Kuczkowski

Happy Husband and Father. Freezing Greenland attracts him because of the beauty of the ice landscape. Definite supporter of colder parts of the globe.  A passionately keen lover of morning fogs, mountain sunsets, and the magic of first sunrays.  In one word – perfect landscapes which with more or less luck he tries to transfer on slides.

He believes that a good picture often requires a lot of effort and preparations.  He organized a photographic expedition to the Himalayas and an enchanting expedition to New Zealand. The expedition to Greenland is another realization of his photographic dreams.

In everyday life he tries to join photography with his lawyer duties in one of the biggest law firms in Poland. He won the Grand Prix for the diaporama of New Zealand on the Festival of Natural Science Photography “Visions of Nature 2008”

Łukasz’s websites : www.kuczkowski.net oraz www.himalaje2007.pl

My participation in this expedition would not be possible without by beloved Wife’s support. Thank you very much!


In the Himalayas


In the winter


In the morning

Adam Ługiewicz

He is very devoted to his passion of taking pictures; he never parts with his camera. In everyday life he joins his duties as a father, husband and a manager in an international concern. He loves travelling and constant activity. Always interested in the world, likes to visit new places, which he loves exploring by different available means. The most he appreciates in travelling is meeting new people, cultures and most of all the ability of capturing all these pictures on slides.  He successfully joins both passions, which lead him to the most distant parts of the world. Photography and travelling are things that give sense and spice to the gray, everyday life.

The Greenland expedition will allow him to realize his dream of pictures of the virgin arctic landscape.

Adam’s website:  www.lugiewicz.com (under construction).

Taking picturs

Taking pictures