Practical Information

On this page we would like to present practical information connected directly with the expedition, Greenland and our preparations. This page will be updated as progress is made.

Guidebooks – the only paper guidebook that widely describes Greenland is Lonely Planet “Greenland & The Arctic”. On 160 pages devoted to Greenland you can find a lot of helpful information. Although this guidebook has been published in 2005 it is a very comprehensive source of information. A perfect supplementary source of information is the website of the Greenland Tourist Board and websites devoted to particular parts of Greenland.

Maps – unfortunately there is a big problem with them. A great part of Greenland is not covered by maps. The existing ones only cover parts of the coast drawn to a scale of 1:100.000 (Greenland Hiking Map). For trekking purposes it is not enough so that is why a compass and GPS will be of great importance.